The Perfect Balance 


Small Group Personal Training

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The Story of FuZion

The Best Personal Trainer in Scarborough...

The most experienced Yoga Teacher in North York...

We found each other in each other's classes and quickly realized the perfect blend would be equal parts 

BodyPhitt Bootcamp and Blossom Yoga and Pilates.  Joanne and Andrea set upon this venture called FuZion.

Our priorities aligned:  Family, Fitness and our valued Customers.

We want amazing results for every one of our 100 customers.  

We train the individual.  No cookie cutter workouts here.

With over 50 years experience between us, we program your workouts for optimal results, with absolute certainty of your safety, like no other trainers can. FuZion is where transformation happens.  And there is NOTHING we can't work around... chronic illness, injury, pregnancy, recovery, post-rehab, we are comfortable and experienced with it.  We work in tandem with your healthcare professionals to help you progress body and mind. 

 It is a whole life expeience you get with us.  It's a community. We are very real.  

And by the way, we practice what we preach.

Joanne is Vegan, a busy Mom of 3 and a kick-ass Trainer.

Andrea is a Yogi, single Mom of 1 and presents Internationally on Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Pilates.

Join us.  We are only taking 100 customers.  You will always mean something to us.

Yours in Fitness,

Andrea and Joanne x