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Class Descriptions 

BodyPhitt Bootcamp

Seriously torch calories with this High Intensity Interval Class.

Includes kickboxing, kettlebells & weights. Joanne programs each workout separately, so you work optimally. No cookie cutter workouts here!!


Unfold body and mind with this individualized program of Hatha postures set to a flowing rhythm and gentle music.

Suitable for all body types, ages and abilities. Andrea's special formula of 'undoing' before meeting challenging poses will offer you the best chance of success, body, mind and spirit.


Utilizing the original matwork repertoire of Pilates, tone and streamline your body using specialized equipment. There is no impact, so it is safe for your joints. You will become lean, strong and achieve better posture with this mind/body discipline.

Kid Dance

For Ages 7-14, kids are put through their paces using Intervals to develop strength, stamina and flexibility. Athletes perform better. We also cater for those kids who are new to fitness and need our guidance and encouragement!

Mom & Baby Yoga

Enjoy Yoga postures, breathing instruction and Pilates exercises suitable for post-natal recovery, bonding with baby and for socializing with other Moms and babies. Release tight, overused muscles, feel more centred and in tune with your intuition. Sessions begin throughout the year. Please register your interest by contacting us so we can form the next group.


Dance the day away!

Get your sweat on while grooving the latest in latin, African and world beats. An hour of this is sure to torch 400 calories and will register 4000 steps on your tracker. We see people melt the weight in this program.

H.I.I.T / L.I.I.T. 

Lower Impact

Interval Training

Challenge yourself, but without overusing your joints. Without the impact, you can interval train, enjoying getting stronger and fitter. See increases in stamina and watch fat melt away!